Friday, September 2, 2011

Science Methods

                              1. Gather materials
                              2. Take shell off of seed
                              3. Set two 2 ounce cups on the table
                              4. Fill the cup 3/4 with dirt
                              5. Stick the bean half way in the cup
                              6. Pour the water and 7up one in each cup 10ml each
                              7. Place in sunlight
                              8. Repeat step 5 everyday until plant sprouts
                              9. Record growth results of plants height with ruler
                             10. Everyday record growth of plants with ruler and water every day for 2 weeks


                              1. Gather safety materials
                              2. Gather materials
                              3.Get two beams similar size and texture
                              4. Weigh beans to make sire they are similar weight
                              5. Get two cups
                              6. Put dirt in the cups
                              7. Weigh dirt to make sure you have similar weight
                              8. Put the seeds half way in the cup
                              9. Use graduated cylinder put 10ml of water in one cup
                             10. Put 10ml of 7up in the other cup
                             11. Everyday Record growth with a ruler to know how much it grew
                             12. Water everyday for 3weeks
                             13. Record results everyday
                                     I had to add alot like water everyday for 3weeks and i forgot to add to
                                                weigh the seed and dirt to make sure they are similar weight

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