Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety Story's

Once apon a time there was a boy that was seven years old. He was chatting with a stranger named plaide which was also seven. Plaide told nino said they should meet at the park. He said idk. Plaide said please we can okay outside all day long. Nino said ok.
   So for the next day nino went to school and told all his freinds about the new freind he met online, then after school he went to the park and didnt see anyone or anything besides a suv so he went over and asked the driver if he has seen a boy named plaide the guy said no. But if u get in the car i will take you hime the bot got in.
   That night nino's mom called the police. The police was watching and looking every where they didn't find him. They looked for 3 months and found nothing and had to call off the search. A couple days later nino called his mom and told her how he got away. Then she heard someone in the background and the guy took the phone and said goodbye. One week later a investagator came to her house and said im going to find him she said please do. Then the investagator named tom went to the park and found a stainless steelwatch, he went to the store and and asked who has bought one of these watches the owner said the watch isnt popular and only one guys has bought one. The owner wrote down the name and address his name was flag. He went to flags house and knocked on the door flag came to the door with a shotgun, flag said you better leave now. So tom left he went around back and went through the basement. The boy was in the basement then tom went up stairs and shot flag right in the heart cuse he was about to shoot tom. Then he took nino home and the mom tried to pay him he said no. He went home and put a poster up of the boy and said another one saved.


  1. Nice Story, lot of really cool sounding events.

  2. Dear, Gavin this is an awesome story. You need to put quotations around what your characters are saying to make it easier to read and understand it better.

  3. Hi, I thought that you wrote a good story. One thing that I saw was that you had alot of run on sentences. You also had some spelling errors, other than that I thought that you had a good story.

  4. Okay first of all your story was great but you misspelled some words. And also,didn't capitalized the names still either way it was good.