Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey this post was really good and funny. I like the roller skating and walmart one the best it was hilarious hope you post some more good posts.

I like football mainly to watch but I like it if you keep trying maybe one day you become in the NFL. I dont watch NFL very often but I watch it sometimes.

Like the post maybe you should change the font to something more clear.But I like the mood the best.

I like the mood and setting but maybe you should add some more stuff indetail.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I Write

I write because I like to talk and when I write it helps me not talk as much but I still talk a little bit.
I also write when I sit and have nothing else to do and sometimes I do it all the time even if I have something to do. I write because it helps me memorize the stuff better.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mood and Settings

It is a cold and withery night. The snow is like a knife stabbing you. Its as cold as a ice freezer in a ice cream factory. The trees are like glistering angels in the ski. The ski is as white as a polar bear.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teaching in Science

What are you teaching the students?

I'm teaching the students about sea floor spreading.

Where did you find your resources or information?

I found all my information on and the science book and a book in the library called science.

What activity are you having the class do?

I'm having the class make a model with paper pulling the paper ends moving the sea floor.

What vocabulary are you introducing to the class?

I dont have any.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Electronical Library

Can you use this library outside of school? Explain

Yes i think you can because all you got to do is go to the website and sign in on your computer. But i think you might have to have some kind of program to access it.

Is using this site legal in regards to copyright? Why or Why not?

Yes because They have a license to do it. And it is there site they can do what they want cause they bought them.

Identify 2-3 books you might want to read. What makes them something you want to read.

Roman Myths and Sorting sizes because they seem like the books would be good and the myth in the roman myths look good one of them people think you sacrifice people to bring rain.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Copyright Licenses

I don't want a copyright licenses because i don't care if anyone uses my posts as long as i know its mine. Like if they used it for a title or something would be really cool as long as i know its mine. If it is used for anything that would be really great. Like if they post it on a very popular blog that would be awesome knowing that my stuff is on a very popular blog. And who cares if they get money off of your stuff its still cool to see your stuff on TV or the radio. So that's what i think. As long as i know its mine.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Science Methods

                              1. Gather materials
                              2. Take shell off of seed
                              3. Set two 2 ounce cups on the table
                              4. Fill the cup 3/4 with dirt
                              5. Stick the bean half way in the cup
                              6. Pour the water and 7up one in each cup 10ml each
                              7. Place in sunlight
                              8. Repeat step 5 everyday until plant sprouts
                              9. Record growth results of plants height with ruler
                             10. Everyday record growth of plants with ruler and water every day for 2 weeks


                              1. Gather safety materials
                              2. Gather materials
                              3.Get two beams similar size and texture
                              4. Weigh beans to make sire they are similar weight
                              5. Get two cups
                              6. Put dirt in the cups
                              7. Weigh dirt to make sure you have similar weight
                              8. Put the seeds half way in the cup
                              9. Use graduated cylinder put 10ml of water in one cup
                             10. Put 10ml of 7up in the other cup
                             11. Everyday Record growth with a ruler to know how much it grew
                             12. Water everyday for 3weeks
                             13. Record results everyday
                                     I had to add alot like water everyday for 3weeks and i forgot to add to
                                                weigh the seed and dirt to make sure they are similar weight

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gears of War 3

I can't wait for gow3 to come out. I play gears of war 2 everyday and Ive played gow3 beta its really good the only thing i don't like is how they are turning it into a game like call of duty black ops. What they are doing they are adding still like you can choose your classes (which is like call of duty black ops) and you can choose what color they are and camo Which is very like call of duty's. Well anyways it still is going to be a good game.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Assassin's creed Rezerection

Hi this is about ACR the beta on it was really good but i think the full game will be better. But who knows i dont it mihgt be worse but i doubt it. ACB was really really good so i thing this one will be better and the graphics for it is better than most. Hope you buy it its a really good game but you still ahev 3 weeks till its out.

Internet Safety Story's

Once apon a time there was a boy that was seven years old. He was chatting with a stranger named plaide which was also seven. Plaide told nino said they should meet at the park. He said idk. Plaide said please we can okay outside all day long. Nino said ok.
   So for the next day nino went to school and told all his freinds about the new freind he met online, then after school he went to the park and didnt see anyone or anything besides a suv so he went over and asked the driver if he has seen a boy named plaide the guy said no. But if u get in the car i will take you hime the bot got in.
   That night nino's mom called the police. The police was watching and looking every where they didn't find him. They looked for 3 months and found nothing and had to call off the search. A couple days later nino called his mom and told her how he got away. Then she heard someone in the background and the guy took the phone and said goodbye. One week later a investagator came to her house and said im going to find him she said please do. Then the investagator named tom went to the park and found a stainless steelwatch, he went to the store and and asked who has bought one of these watches the owner said the watch isnt popular and only one guys has bought one. The owner wrote down the name and address his name was flag. He went to flags house and knocked on the door flag came to the door with a shotgun, flag said you better leave now. So tom left he went around back and went through the basement. The boy was in the basement then tom went up stairs and shot flag right in the heart cuse he was about to shoot tom. Then he took nino home and the mom tried to pay him he said no. He went home and put a poster up of the boy and said another one saved.